Certified Thai massage therapist & healer for women in Amsterdam

My name is Daria "Shakti", I am a massage therapist and natural born healer. I work in my own style, combining classic Thai massage, body therapy and direct energy healing.

The main tool of my work is my inner vision, which helps me see deep causes and places of pain, and where the energy flow in the body is blocked and why.

I adhere to Eastern holistic approach and work not only with the physical body, but also with energy, and the psyche and other parts of the person.

To fix the problem, I use the whole arsenal of my knowledge — Thai massage, Reiki and Reboso, Gua Sha, Thai Acupressure and vibration massage with hammers Tok Sen, methods of body psychotherapy and structural psychosomatics etc.

I have been practicing for more than 7 years. I studied with the best teachers and am a Thai massage practitioner with international certification from reputable Thai schools. And I continue to study further in order to master the new techniques for working with the most difficult tasks.

My aim as a helping practitioner is not only and not so much to remove pain, but to help the body clear itself of accumulated physical and emotional stress. So that your body, as the home of the spirit, becomes again spacious, clean and luminous.
A part of my diplomas and certificates (some of them are in my maiden name)

Types of therapy and techniques

Classical Thai massage is a part of the Thai healing system and also called passive yoga. This ancient art is more than 2000 years old. It was discovered by Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, the personal physician of King Bimbisara and Buddha. Before each massage session, a mantra of gratitude is read to him.

In Thai massage there are no concepts of "masseur" and "patient", but there are "giver" and "receiver", because this type of massage is a deep pair meditative work that heals both participants.

In Nuad Boran, general Thai massage, not only the thumbs are used, but also the palms, elbows, forearms, knees and feet, as well as postures similar to yoga asanas, but in which the reciever is relaxed. With the help of them the giver works with muscles, fascia, tendons and energy channels Sen Sip - "the wind of life". Exposure to these lines restores the normal flow of energy in the body, which causes an increase in strength and vigor, and an improvement in well-being.


  • Improving blood circulation, relieving swelling
  • Relief of muscle tension
  • Relaxation of tendons and improving their elasticity
  • Stimulating and improving the activity of the nervous system
  • Deep relaxation
  • Increasing sensitivity of nerve endings
  • Improving mobility and flexibility of the body


  • Oncological disorders (during treatment and in remission)
  • Inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Skin damage and skin diseases (burns, healing wounds, herpes virus, fungal skin lesions etc.)
  • Elevated temperature
  • 1-3 months after any surgical intervention
  • Pregnancy (Starting from the 2nd trimester, you can come for a special massage for pregnant women)
  • First days of menstruation.
      Tok Sen is one of the rare techniques in the art of Thai massage that appeared in the Lanna kingdom (now the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai region).

      Tok is the sound of knocking and Sen represents the energy lines passing through the human body, according to traditional Thai medicine.

      Tok sen massage uses special instruments - a hammer and pegs of various shapes - with the help of which the energy meridians and clamps in the body are tapped.

      It is suitable for everyone even for pregnant women or senior people.


      • Fatigue
      • Headaches
      • Anxiety disorders
      • Insomnia
      • Stress
      • Pain in the spine and joints
      • Recovery from injuries
      • Relaxation of muscles and ligaments during treatment of the musculoskeletal system
      • Relaxation of deep muscles and muscle spasms, that cannot be reached manually
      • Energy blocks in the meridians
      • Alignment of energy in the body

        And most importantly, it is very pleasant, painless and has a long-term relaxing effect.

        I use Tok Sen in combination with classic Thai massage, but if you wish, I can do the entire session with just Tok Sen.

        Chi Nei Tsang is a deep but delicate abdominal massage, which includes work with muscles, internal organs, and biologically active points. It was invented in the Taoist tradition of Chinese medicine and from there passed on to Thailand.

        According to traditional Chinese medicine, the belly is a storage of our unspent and repressed emotions, stresses, obsessions, and painful memories. Constant tension in the abdomen leads to both physical ailments and a constant feeling of fatigue and lack of strength.

        Effects of Chi Nei Tsang

        • Improving the functioning of the digestive and excretory systems
        • Deep relaxation for the whole body
        • Improving blood and lymph circulation processes
        • Enhancing immunity
        • Harmonization the flow of energy in the body
        • Reducing stress and anxiety

        • Menstruation
        • Pregnancy
        • Lactation period
        • Acute infectious and inflammatory diseases
        • Skin damages
        • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
        • Benign and malignant neoplasms in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis
        During pregnancy, there are changes in the center of gravity and posture, the load on the legs, shoulders and lower back increases - all of this can cause discomfort, pain and muscle strain.

        Thai massage for pregnant women provides gentle and safe muscle relaxation, which in the future increases the chance of a quick and safe postpartum recovery. It is s a great way to take care of yourself and improve your well-being during pregnancy.

        It can be taken only in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

        The aims of Thai massage for pregnant women:

        • Stabilization of the pelvis
        • Release of the diaphragm area
        • Release from tension in the shoulders, neck and lower back
        • Opening the chest
        • General relaxation.


        • High temperature
        • High blood pressure
        • High blood pressure with swelling
        • Bleeding.

        Dear expectant mothers! If you have any doubts about your health condition, be sure to consult your doctor before signing up for the session!
        Your health is a priority!

        I bring energy healing into almost every massage, as it is rarely superfluous. What does it do? First of all, energy healing works with the energy of a person and his subtle bodies. I use this method to restore the integrity of the energy and it's flow, remove anxiety, fear and feeling of separation from the body. Also, I always look at the chakras, their state and correct what I can.

        For healing, I usually use just my inner vision and my hands, contactless, or put my palms on the human body. It my innate ability and my own technique. I also use Reiki and some other techniques if necessary. Sometimes I use a singing bowl, aromatic substances, etc. as an auxiliary tool.

        Energy healing is painless, acts immediately and continues its effect for some time.

        Sometimes there are more complex cases, I work with them only after diagnosis and in a seperate session, or send a client to a master of another specialization. In any case, a healing session is possible only after a personal meeting, since often the energy can be corrected by physical influence on the body, and not vice versa.
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        All the marvellous photos were taken by

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        The title photo is retouched by amazing Anna (Retoucher Anna Timushkina)

        Huge thanks to my models: awesome pregnant Olga (MissNailBeauty) and wonderful Olga

        And I express my deepest gratitude to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala for the lovely place for photoshooting

        how to book a massage session

        Note! I work ONLY with women
        Preliminary consultation
        ● Write me on WhatsApp (see "Contacts")
        ● Tell about your wishes and problems
        ● Warn, if you have

        1. Severe vision problems
        2. Heart diseases
        3. Problems with the spine and bones (hernias, displacements, fractures etc.)
        4. Pathology of the endocrine system
        5. High blood pressure

        This is necessary so that I can choose the techniques that are suitable, safe and useful personally for you and your body.

        ● Based on your description, I will ask you to review the contraindications for a suitable therapy.
        Making an appointment
        ● If everything is good, we schedule a session.
        ● If you have contraindications or your problem is not within my competence, I will tell you which specialist you'd better contact.
        ● Eat at least an hour before your massage
        ● Take with you

        1. soft and comfortable change of clothing (e.g. leggings / pants and a T-shirt)
        2. change of socks
        ● Try to free up the rest of the day after the massage to be relaxed. It's best if you can get sleep.
        ● Please, be on time
        ● Feel free to ask any extra questions. Or sleep :)
        Traditional Thai massage Nuad Boran (with Tok Sen and acupressure)

        Introductory session 60 min – 70 €
        Full session 120 min - 140
        Abdominal Thai massage Chi Nei Tsang

        60 min - 90
        Thai Massage for pregnant women

        120 min - 170

        +31615360961 (WhatsApp)

        KVK number 75479974